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Mary Ormond Blackbeard, the wife of Captain Blackbeard.

Mary Ormond Blackbeard, is the wife of Captain Edward Teach Blackbeard, who is the former Captain of the Queen Anne's Revenge. Blackbeard and Mary met in 1780, and during a plantation wedding, Blackbeard took Mary to his new home, and seduced her, having the first child bob

, whom Mary almost died after giving birth from too much blood loss, and Blackbeard gives their child to nun's in Seville, to be kept safe, and to one day meet her mother and father again. Mary is also the former wife of Captain Teague, who formerly knows her as Lucy Anamaria Sparrow, but Mary loves Teach too much, so she leaves Teague for him in 1782, being with Teach until his death in 1801, being excecuted by Leuitanant Robert Maynard, whom took the life of Edward Teach before Mary's eyes.

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